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I got a new job, but I'm not able to really celebrate it because my… - i'm all at sea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 28th, 2009|05:32 pm]
[Current Mood |fullfull]
[Current Music |The Avett Brothers <3]

I got a new job, but I'm not able to really celebrate it because my friend's mom interviewed me two weeks ago and I don't want her to know that I got another job. So, after I actually start the job and get everything situated with my school schedule and work schedule, I'm going to contact my friend's mom and let her know that I was offered another job. Be professional, you know.

In other news, I went to Bele Chere Festival in Asheville this weekend. WOW. That pretty much sums up the trip. We had a little car trouble on the way to Asheville, but it was nothing too serious. Right when we arrived in town, we went straight to the festival. It was so amazing. There were so many people and different types of people at that. It's different from where I live. Charlotte is NOTHING compared to Asheville. Asheville is known for being a "mini San Fran" because of the acceptance of gays and lesbians. I love how the people in the city are open-minded. My friends Jesse, Tom, and I went to Rosetta's Kitchen which is one of the vegetarian restaurants located in downtown. They have some amazing food. After we ate, we were trying to find the correct stage, as there three different ones, that hosted the Big Fat Booty Band. We asked someone where the correct stage was, and we ended up becoming friends with them. One girl was trashed and REALLY friendly. Like, she was inviting us to her house and she kept touching my hand. Haha. After we jammed out at the show, we met up with Andrew (who is Jesse's brother) and his girlfriend, Sarah, whom I am now friends with, too. We went to the Double Decker Coffee shop and had some drinks. The Double Decker is actually a double decker bus like those in England and it was converted into a coffee shop. On the top level, they have tables and chairs. On the tabletops, you can draw sweet pictures with chalk. PPREETTYY DANK.

After the festival, my friends and I went to see a movie called Food, Inc. OMGG. Good documentary that didn't push vegetarianism on you, but rather changed your outlook on shopping at Wal-Mart and other big-named grocery stores.

We stayed the night at Jesse's house in Fairview, NC. His house is up on a mountain and from the porch, you have the greatest view of the mountains surrounding his house. I had the best sleep that night, no lie. I think it was because I was so tired from walking around in the hot sun all day. Haha. The next morning, Andrew made us breakfast which was delicious. We sat around and talked and listened to music until Jesse, Tom, and I were about to head out to meet up with some more of Jesse's friends.

We got loaded up and got in the car. THE CAR WOULD NOT START. AT ALLLL. The battery was dead. So for about five hours, we were outside trying to charge up the battery which failed miserably. The neighbors at the bottom of the mountain came to be of some assistance, but it did not help unfortunately. I ended up swinging on the porch swing and taking in the beauty of the mountains around me while the "men" tried to fix the car. Haha. Andrew ended up hanging out with me for most of the day. He sat on the porch and we talked about EVERYTHING. God, music, books, movies, serial killers... you name it. I'm sure he was flirting with me. Actually, I know he was flirting with me. Haha. He would punch me in the arm and call me shorty. Yeahh, too bad he has a girlfriend. BAHAAA. He said that he was going to find me on Facebook and add me. Jesse had noticed our absence when we were on the porch and said, "You guys were in deep conversation." I think Jesse has been trying to set me up with Tom, who is cool I suppose but I don't think I'm interested and plus he's twenty-six. My age limit is twenty-five. Tom is too mature for me. I like those annoying stupid boys that I can crack jokes around. Tom is definItely NOT that guy.

I had a great time, and I am planning on going back next year and bringing my FRANS.