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i'm all at sea

sunset soon forgotten

1 August
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a walk to remember, afternoon delight, american beauty, american history x, american psycho, animal farm, arlo guthrie, asheville, being jobless, belle and sebastian, black bears, bluegrass, bon iver, brick, buffalo springfield, camping, cardigans, cat power, chimney rock, city and colour, clint mansell, community college, crosby stills nash young, dancing, dave matthews band, dogs winnie and ginger, drum circle in asheville, dwarf hamster sampson, eating, eazy-e, elephant, etsy.com, fight club, film, finding nemo, flickr, garage sales, grandma anderson, handbags, happy feet, hiking, indie films, iron and wine, jerry garcia, junebug, karmann ghias, kids, kings of leon, led zeppelin, little miss sunshine, looking glass falls, love, lovedrug, malaprops, mean creek, memoires of an ex-hippie, minolta x700, modest mouse, molly ringwald, mountains, nikon d80, not doing homework, not studying, nwa, old crow medicine show, paramore, peace, petsmart, photography, photoshoots, protein bars, protein shakes, reading, reading contest with leigh, reggae, requiem for a dream, running, scorpios, secret life, seneca with zack, she is love, shoes, sleeping, stanky leg, summer nights, sushi 101, swimming, swinging at the ymca, talledega nights, the avett brothers, the black ghosts, the cake eaters, the cure, the grateful dead, the hangover, the notebook, the smiths, the warlocks, thrice, thrift stores, traveling, twilight, twilight saga, two souls indivisible, united states of leland, vegetarianism, vests, vintage, vinyl records, vitamin b12, volkswagens, water, yardwork, zao